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Essay about Medieval India and China - 1198 Words

Running head: Medieval India and China Paper Medieval India and China Paper Mike Colson University of Phoenix Global Civilizations 1400-1700 HIS 276 Mark Olick Medieval India and China In the following paper I will discuss the key differences in medieval India and China. I will compare and contrast each society’s social, cultural, political, and religious climates. In addition, explaining the civilizations economic environment during medieval times. Finally, I will describe how the Turks and Mongols influenced these two civilizations. During medieval times, India’s social climate could be considered one of an idealistic civilization. From growing crops, to the teachings of higher forms of education, India was†¦show more content†¦For example the first encyclopedia was five centuries ahead of its European counterparts. Culturally India during the medieval times was based on the affairs for their local institutions. Unlike being run by bigger authority such as the state, communities were more ruled over by smaller factions known as Guilds. These guilds organized and handled the local laws of the land and handled things at the local level. This also gave the locals a sense of belonging and identity. The common cultural theme within the Indian community was that the majority were farmers. These farmers made up the village life, and each farmer usually worked just outside the village on a small plot of land. Everyone worked together, and individual families formed under the head of the family which lead and guided the families in most decisions. The farming life provided the common Indian farmer with a nice since of status within society. Ultimately, the medieval Indian culture is based on many aspects on ways to promote community. These include sailors or fishermen, tradesmen, craftsmen, and farmers. China also had the farming life but the surround culture in the medieval society was more centralized around government. Men worked at trying to be officials and generals. These positions were considered prominent and a noble profession. Politically, medieval India and China were either a dynastic andSh ow MoreRelatedThe Black Death Of India And The Peasant s Revolt1688 Words   |  7 Pagesin India and the Peasant’s Revolt in England, during the medieval period lasting from the 5th century to the 15th century (500-1500s). Throughout the report, information will include significant individuals involved or affected by the event, a significant occurrence during each event, and finally the interconnections that can be established between the Peasant’s Revolt and Black Death. The Black Death The Black Death is said to be the worst catastrophe ever recorded throughout the medieval periodRead MoreGunpowder Revolution In The Revolution1069 Words   |  5 Pagesthe world through giving Europeans power, accomplished by facilitating the renaissance and allowing them to conquer much of the world. Gunpowder was able to evolve and change along with these powerful European states. What began as an invention in China Lorge, 818-820 became a horrific weapon in the hands of the Europeans. This evolution was a by-product of the social structure, and less though, but significant, economic structure of European nations, which maximized its effectiveness in these nationsRead MoreAncient And Medieval World Of Eurasia1678 Words   |  7 Pageseast and west through the diffusion of goods, technology, medicine, and religion. The two most vital networks of trade in the ancient and medieval world of Eurasia were the Spice Routes and the Silk Road. The Spice routes were a network of sea routes running from the Greco-Roman world, through North Africa, to the subcontinent of India, and eventually to China and Southeast Asia. The commerce of this maritime route was defined by the exchange of various spices including pepper, cinnamon, cassia,Read MoreZhengrong To Ruixiang : The Medieval Chinese Reception Of The Chinese Buddha831 Words   |  4 Pages Sun-ah Choi examines the unusual iconography of the Chinese Buddha, which is represented by the Buddhas found in Sichuan Province, China, in her essay published in Art Bulletin (97:4), Zhengrong to Ruixiang: The Medieval Chinese Reception of the Mahabodhi Buddha Satua. The images of Chinese Buddha experienced a notable change in the seventh century. Before the seventh century, the imageries focused on the narratives scenes and the Buddhas, at the same time, were d evoid of the lavish jewelry. SinceRead MoreQuestions On The Black Death1336 Words   |  6 Pagesmillion people. 2. ORIGIN AND SPREAD When Did the Black Death Occur? Where did the Black Death occur? When and where did the Black Death Spread? The first signs of the Black Death were in China and India in the 1330s. England had heard rumours of ‘plague in the East’- but weren’t alarmed, for China and India were still developing and both countries had a low population. Meanwhile, trading was becoming increasingly popular, and many ships used the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black Seas as tradingRead MoreWhat Was The Political Structure Of The Mayans From 600 Ce?1568 Words   |  7 Pageslaborers worked on. The landlords in return provided protection of the people working on the land. Be able to find comparisons between the political systems in Western Europe and China from 1000 – 1300 CE. A major comparison among the two regions was that in Western Europe multiple monarchies were being developed, whereas China maintained a single empire, throughout this time period. Be able to describe characteristics of hunting and gathering. Was there widespread specialization of labor? (NO) HuntingRead MoreEastern Hemisphere And Its Impact On The Development Of All Societies985 Words   |  4 Pagesprogression of new technology; iron axes, adzes, and hoes were created, and revolutionized agriculture on their land. The introduction of bananas from sea lanes became popular in Africa and increased the supply of food that was available. Likewise for Medieval Europe, cultivation on Europe grounds allowed more room for agricultural techniques, the utilization of developed tools and technologies, and the institution of new crops. Similar to Africa, population pressure rose and space for more agricultureRead MoreThe American Biscuit Company1614 Words   |  7 Pagesbakeries had the exact same recipes and standards of production. Through this N.B.C. developed products that could be nationally recognized. All the merchandise is marked with a distinct emblem, an oval with two bars across it. Which Green found in a medieval Italian printers’ mark catalog, which is said to represent the triumph of good over evil. In 1912 the first Oreo was invented, which looked very similar to the one we enjoy today. How did Oreo get its name? Some say it came from the french word forRead MoreThe Battle Of Chamdo A 1950 s Invasion Of Tibet1384 Words   |  6 PagesAndrew Wilkinson Sabrina Pinnell War and Peace November 28 2016 The Battle of Chamdo—a 1950’s invasion of Tibet (Known in China as the Liberation of Chamdo) Happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than external factors. Dalai Lama History and Causes: When looking at what can only be defined as modern history (the last 200 years), the world has never had a moment where there was no conflict on the globe. But while some of the best studied and most memorable wars were long ones, likeRead MoreSilk Road1687 Words   |  7 Pagesthat traveled and impact, continuity in spread of religion along the trade route ). One of the patterns of interaction along the Silk Road was in the products that were traded. The Silk Road trade system was created by interactions between Han China in the 2nd century B.C.E. and their western neighbors when an expedition for alliances to deal with a pesky neighbor turned into something else. The first product traded for on the Silk Road were Ferghana horses that the Chinese leader of the expedition

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