Saturday, February 1, 2020

Nihilism and its Relationship to the Death of God Essay

Nihilism and its Relationship to the Death of God - Essay Example Nihilism represents a philosophy of negation for all forms aestheticism. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote a great deal of literature concerning nihilism; however, critics argue that Nietzsche did not advocate nihilism, but he was concerned about the effects of nihilism on society and culture. The fundamental basis of nihilism constitutes the entire rejection of both social sciences and classical philosophical systems. Nihilism advocated utilitarianism and scientific rationalism. Utilitarianism is a moral framework that proposes doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Scientific rationalism deals with providing valid reasons to support arguments for them to be considered true. Nihilism aimed at negating all authority practiced by the state, church and family by representing a form of positivism and materialism comprising of a revolt against the established social order. Nihilists believed primarily on scientific truths for finding solutions to social problems; according to Nietzsche, science was the cure for all social problems since it eliminated ignorance that caused evil in societies. It is critical to understand the meaning and historical background of nihilism in order to recognize the relationship between nihilism and the death of God.

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