Thursday, November 21, 2019

Knowledge management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Knowledge management - Essay Example In addition, knowledge management has its basis in HR management approaches whose research tradition, particularly in the recruitment and training of talent and employee skill development, are of significant relevance to knowledge management. ICT represents a vital enabling factor for initiatives of knowledge management. In this case, both MIS researchers and computer scientists are substantially interested in knowledge management. Practitioners and researchers in Artificial Intelligence are especially interested in knowledge management, moving their focus away from knowledge and expert based systems. The most common theory in research on socio-technical systems is, generally, the systems theory. In addition, the view of organizations as systems of knowledge processing offers important insight for KM. Business transformation into knowledge intensive or knowledge based and intelligent organizations significantly influence organizations, especially with regards to management. Because these developments are essential in nature, several scholars have attempted to place knowledge as the basis of new theories concerning the firm. In the last ten years or so, competencies and knowledge have also been examined as part of the resource-based view of organizations in strategic management. On top of strategic management, other concepts and approaches of management are also influential on KM, which, by definition, is a function of management. Organizations for a long while have been a central focus of two active sociology and psychology fields; organizational sociology and organizational psychology. These research fields involve how humans behave from a collective and individual perspective in organizations. Some concepts have been adopted into organizational science and knowledge management. Also, concepts in knowledge sociology provide explanations for socially-constructed knowledge that is normally an underlying foundation of approaches in KM. From a practical

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