Wednesday, November 20, 2019

TAEDEL401A - Training and Assessement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

TAEDEL401A - Training and Assessement - Essay Example Negative attitude to training is one of the psychological barriers. It could be overcome through proper guidance given to the learner. Learning structures that are supportive to the learner would also help to change the attitude of learners towards training. Apart from this, dissemination of information, and methods of delivery would also make the training be entertaining thus changing the negative attitude of learners towards training. Financial constraints as a situational constraint could be overcome by the organization providing learners with loans or grants that would enable them to purchase the training. Additionally, the organization could also take up the cost of training thus allowing employees to access the training without any difficulty. Lack of organization support is another constraint to learning. Development of a proper opportunity of learning would help the organization to change its perception towards training thus supporting the employees. In this case, the organiz ation would be given facts concerning the importance of the training towards the success of the organization. Availability of qualified trainers is another constraint to learning. Without trainers, no learning would take place. In order to overcome this barrier, qualified trainers would be hired for the training program. Increasing the salaries of trainers would help in attracting experienced and qualified trainers into the training program. Training venues need to be adapted to allow the learners with exceptional needs to access the training. All training venues should be adapted so that they would satisfy the exceptional needs of the learners. Elevators and escalators should be fitted into storey venues in order to enhance quick movement of learners from one floor to another. Resources, learning materials, and assessment tools that are needed for the training should be identified prior to the training. Early

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